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Compass Living develops innovative, sustainable, intergenerational, mixed-use communities in vibrant cities.  We are redefining the living continuum, allowing adults to age in place gracefully with meaningful purpose and good health.  We are shaping the built environment to enhance the health span of those we serve, encouraging our residents to remain engaged with their friends and family.


We celebrate the value of our residents in the social fabric of the cities where they live by improving connectivity among people of all ages and backgrounds.  We curate complementary uses in our communities to enrich active lifestyles and to foster health and wellness.  Our properties are connected to established and emerging civic centers in close proximity to entertainment, schools, retail, restaurants, office and medical buildings, multifamily and single-family homes, and public spaces.


Many of the most challenging public health issues facing Americans today are rooted in isolated and sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, and neighborhoods that are disconnected from environments that facilitate physical activity.  These issues are amplified for the growing population of older Americans.  Research suggests that diseases such as obesity, drug addiction, hypertension, and diabetes could be reduced by better integrating neighborhoods into nature, enhancing access to healthy food, increasing physical activity, and promoting social interaction.

Our properties include multifamily residential connected to chef-driven dining, health-related retail and medical office space.  Our projects encourage the interaction of people of all ages, which allows our residents to remain connected and valuable members of their communities.  Furthermore, by integrating uses that appeal to everyone, we believe that the family members and friends of our residents will be more inclined to spend time with their loved ones.